White Label Google Ads

Accelerate your agency's growth by offering
Google Ads management services to your existing clientbase.

No long term contracts. Cancel anytime. Get started.


Resell Google Ads service subscriptions and generate monthly recurring revenue.


Let our Google Ads experts do all the campaign management, so you can focus on client relationships.


We've managed over 300+ clients long term, with 1.5k+ campaigns and R85M ad spend.

Why choose us.

Free evaluation

Discover how you can increase your performance with a free evaluation by a Certified Google Ads specialist and know your campaigns strengths and weaknesses.

Professional campaign setup

We'll setup your campaigns for optimal performance using a professional, evidence based structure.

Free R6,000 voucher

Get a kick start with your Google Ads campaigns with a free R6,000 advertising voucher added to your account.

Professional management

We'll optimise your campaigns using best practises and advanced techniques each month ensuring the highest level of performance and ROI.

Proven results

We've managed over 300+ clients long term, with 1.5k+ campaigns and R85M ad spend.

Certified Google partner

Benefit from accurate advice from our fully certified team who all pass the Google Ads exams each year. You can rest assured knowing we've been in the Google Ads industry for over 17 years and counting.

White label pricing.

The below is what you'll pay per client account.

Client budget Standard fee Allocated hours Discount Your rate
Unlimited R3,499/m 5 hours/m 20% R2,799 Get started.
Unlimited R6,999/m 10 hours/m 20% R5,599 Get started.
Unlimited R10,499/m 15 hours/m 20% R8,399 Get started.
Unlimited R13,999/m 20 hours/m 20% R11,199 Get started.
  • Our plans are billed by card automatically each month unless cancelled.
    Minimum 3 client accounts to be elibible for discount pricing.
    Only new Google Ads accounts are eligible for the free R6,000 ad voucher.

Every plan includes:

Professional setup.

  • Professional campaign setup
  • Free R6,000 voucher for new accounts
  • Competitor research
  • Keyword research
  • Writing compelling ads
  • Ad extension setup
  • Conversion tracking setup
  • Google analytics setup
  • Google tag manager setup
  • Optimisation tools setup

Monthly optimisation.

  • Ad testing & optimisation
  • Bid & budget management
  • Keyword expansion
  • Search term analysis
  • Negative keyword additions
  • Improving quality score
  • Improving optimisation score
  • Competitor monitoring
  • Regular experiments
  • Monthly reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

We'll setup a Google Ads Manager Account for your agency and connect ours to it. This way your clients will see you as the managing agency of their account, with PageOne as your white label partner behind the scenes.
There are a few options:
Complete white label: We'll communicate directly with your clients using an email address on your agencies domain name (eg: ppc@youragency.co.za).
Reseller: Refer your clients onto us and we'll do all the work in the name of PageOne.
White label (management only): You'll communicate with your clients and we'll do the management without any direct contact with your clients.
No, your clients Google Ads costs are paid directly to Google, and our management fees are paid separately through Freshbooks (our online payment partner).
It depends on their target market. There needs to be enough search volume for the products/services they offer in the area they operate. The best way to find out if there is an existing market is to get a free evaluation from us.
We've been managing Google Google Ads campaigns for 17+ years now, we're not going anywhere. Our team are all certified by Google and write the Google Ads exams each year as well as study all new updates. We have clients that have stayed with us since we started and we are as much a part of their companies as their employees are. We love what we do and will approach working with you with passion and resilience ensuring mutual success for decades to come.

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