Mobile campaigns.

There are millions of apps out there - how's yours going to stand out? Here's a one-stop shop with all you need to know to promote your app and drive app downloads. This article goes over the different types of app promotion campaigns available through AdWords.

Types of app promotion campaigns

Before you create your campaign, think about your advertising goals. Are you interested in getting people to download your app? What about encouraging people to open your app and take action? Review the different campaigns and see which type is right for you below.

Universal app campaigns

Let AdWords create ads for your app in a variety of auto-generated formats to show across the Search, Display and YouTube Networks.

  • Ads are generated for you based on creative text you enter, as well as your app details in the Play Store (e.g. your icon and images). These ads can appear on all available networks
  • Add an optional YouTube video link for your ads to show on YouTube as well.

Mobile app installs

Increase app downloads with ads sending people directly to app stores to download your app.

  • Available for Search Network, Display Network, and YouTube
  • Ad formats include standard, image and video app install ads

Mobile app engagement

Re-engage your existing users with ads that deep link to specific screens within your mobile app.

  • Available for Search Network and Display Network campaigns
  • Ad formats include standard and image app engagement ads

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