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Everything your Google Ads account needs for optimal performance.

Professional setup.

Setup services for a professional foundation.

Campaign setup

We'll setup your campaigns for optimal performance using a professional, evidence based structure.

Free R6k ad voucher

Get a kick start with a free R6,000 advertising voucher added to your account.

Competitor analysis

We'll identify key competitors and benchmark how you're doing in comparison to similar businesses.

Keyword research

We'll match what your business offers to what your customers are searching for.

Creating compelling ads

We carefully craft all copy on ads and landing pages that gets your visitors to convert.

Conversion tracking setup

We'll setup conversion tracking for valuable insight into the leads we're capturing and who's converting.

Monthly optimization.

Ongoing optimization services for consistent improvement over time.

Continuous ad testing

We'll continuously be testing and optimizing ads for best performance.

Bid & budget management

We'll ensure your budget is being spent in the most efficient way through machine assisted bidding.

Search term analysis

We'll analyze the search terms in your campaigns, adding the relevant and blocking the irrelevant.

Improving quality score

We'll steadily improve overall quality score to improve your ad rank and reduce cost per click costs.

Improving optimization score

We'll apply all relevant optimization recommendations from Google ensuring the highest account health.

Regular experiments

We'll run regular campaign experiments testing strategies for improvement while effectively managing risk.

Competitor monitoring

Always know what keywords, ads and landing pages your competitors are using. We'll use that to fuel your growth.

Landing page monitoring

Get notified when your website goes down to reduce ad traffic going to error pages and wasted ad budget.

Monthly reporting

Receive reports by email every month detailing performance and areas we'll focus on for improvement.

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